Human Resources

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department at Trading and Agency Services Limited company aims to accomplish the company mission and goals by building and encouraging a professional working environment with high level of Human Resource services and employee satisfaction.

In addition to the core HR services, the department serves as a crucial bridge between our employees and Qatar government entities to satisfy all residency and other Legal requirements.

Our HR Team is committed to providing prompt, courteous and quality services to our employees by answering their queries at no time and arranging whatever required from site management in terms of manpower and other support services needed.

Our HR policies and practices are designed to enable employees to realize their full potential.

The underlying objective is to provide individuals the platform to perform at peak potential, a safe and secure workplace and a stimulating environment to innovate and experience the pride of a job well-done.

We follow a policy of strict adherence to statutory and regulatory norms for payment of wages, safety and benefits for our employees.

Pay structures in trags company are fair and transparent.

After all, we want to build a long-term, successful working relationship with our employees.

We welcome diversity at the workplace. Our efforts are therefore focused on sustaining and enhancing this diverse work environment. It introduces fresh perspectives and enables our people to integrate better in society. We are an equal opportunity employer and adhere to statutory & regulatory norms. Our egalitarian work culture fosters diversity and equal opportunity. We do not discriminate on the basis of caste, religious or political affiliation, gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation.

The company’s HR approach commences by seeking out high calibre talent and continues through the employment lifecycle with strong emphasis on retention. It helps us build a strong foundation based on competitive differentiation, propels performance and creates value. We focus on all facets of our investment in human capital and have institutionalized integrated initiatives to achieve employee delight. Competitive pay packages matching the best industry standards accelerate our employees’ professional growth, periodic training enhances competencies and healthy & cohesive work environment fosters excellence.