We are hiring


The company’s HR approach start by seeking out high caliber talent and continues through the employment lifecycle.


We welcome diversity at the workplace.

Our efforts are therefore focused on sustaining and enhancing this diverse work environment.

It introduces fresh perspectives and enables our people to integrate better in society.

We give an equal opportunity for any person to join trags and we do not discriminate on the basis of caste, religious or political affiliation, gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation.


It helps us build a strong foundation and a unique environment.


We focus on investing in our human capital, and we offer our employees competitive paygrade and a strong grading system which places each person in the right place in the system and provide a unique allowance for all similar grade positions.


All company benefits are related to a clear company policy available with all employees and given to all new joiners on the first day of their joining to Trags.


We welcome anyone interested to join our family to send his CV to